Competition Law


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Competition Law

As a law firm that places emphasis on Economic Law or the Economic Interpretation of Law in conjunction with the concept of Competition Law, our firm Kapital Hukuk in Izmir provides services in the field of Competition Law, which is the legal counterpart of this area in the legal world. We provide our clients with consulting services in competition law related to company mergers and acquisitions. Preparation and follow-up of applications to the Competition Authority regarding these transactions are among the services we offer. In addition, we provide consulting services on agreements that limit competition, claims and defenses related to the abuse of dominant positions, preliminary investigations and investigations related to these, merger and acquisition notifications, negative determination/exemption applications and all kinds of regulations that prevent monopoly formation.

How Do You Provide Services in the Concept of Competition Law?

We support our legal services with in-house training to contribute to companies’ compliance processes with competition legislation. In this context, we assist in bringing the most suitable solution proposals to the contracts that our clients will sign, especially in their own sectors and in commercial life, and in addressing the problems within this legal concept. Additionally, if our clients require it, we also offer training programs together with expert finance, international trade, and economic consultants in the field.

Competition law is a relatively new concept in Turkey. Throughout human history, the concept of competition has always been associated with mutual individuals and institutions. Therefore, equality has always been a key factor in the concept of competition.

You may always need legal support in matters related to competition in your sector or institution. We would like to assure you that our team of experts in Competition Law Advocacy can always provide you with legal support in İzmir and its surroundings. We are just a phone call away. Do not hesitate to seek support.