Capital and Venture Investments


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Capital and Venture Investments

Capital and Venture Investments

Capital and Venture Investments involve the meticulous monitoring of the market and a detailed analysis of new actors. Our law firm provides legal consultancy and advocacy services to clients in this field, managing all necessary legal processes effectively to ensure that venture capital and angel investors can make their investments without encountering any problems.

What services do you offer for Capital and Venture Investments?

  • Preparation of necessary legal documents in accordance with the client’s investment requirements,
  • Revision of contracts if clients enter into investment activities with third parties,
  • Conducting necessary legal investigations before and during investment activities,
  • Preparation of investment contracts, negotiation with clients, review, and management of closing procedures.
  • In addition to these services, our law firm provides all necessary legal support to portfolio companies after investments.

We would like to provide you with support in this legal support area with our team of expert lawyers within our own department. Please contact us for detailed information about Capital and Venture Lawyers. For information on these investments, you can first access a lot of information by clicking on entrepreneurship.