Administrative and Tax Law


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Administrative and Tax Law

Our office aims to prevent individuals from experiencing any loss of rights due to administrative actions and procedures, and therefore specializes in the areas of administrative and tax law to provide legal and advocacy services to its clients. Some of our areas of expertise include making appeals to relevant authorities against unlawful administrative actions and procedures, pursuing lawsuits for the annulment of unlawful administrative actions and procedures, pursuing full compensation lawsuits against the administration, resolving disputes arising from administrative contracts, and providing legal support to clients by examining constantly changing tax legislation.

Our lawyers aim to provide solution-oriented services by examining tax legislation in detail and providing necessary legal support to our clients, including managing the pre-litigation reconciliation process, pursuing litigation when necessary, handling requests for the annulment of tax penalties and correction of tax declarations.


Our services in administrative and tax law include:

  • Making necessary appeals and objections to the administration,
  • Pursuing lawsuits related to administrative and tax law and reporting on the progress of the cases in line with the client’s requests,
  • Resolving disputes arising from all administrative and tax penalties, particularly customs regulations,
  • Initiating necessary follow-up procedures to resolve disputes arising from public tenders and pursuing cancellation lawsuits in administrative courts when necessary,
  • Filing lawsuits for the annulment of unlawful administrative actions and procedures and monitoring the progress of the process,
  • Following up on reconciliation, correction, and penalty reduction procedures related to tax disputes,
  • Taking necessary steps to resolve disputes related to all tax types, including income, value-added, corporate, motor vehicles, real estate, etc.,
  • Resolving disputes related to tax assessments based on declarations, assessments made ex officio, or completed by the administration,
  • Handling cases related to incomplete or inaccurate income declarations or faulty deductions,
  • Ensuring the deduction of disability discounts, personal insurance premiums, and minimum living allowances from the tax base,
  • Handling the R&D deduction procedures of companies,
  • Resolving violations of State Incentive conditions,
  • Obtaining tax identification numbers for foreigners,
  • Handling tax deductions of companies and employees,
  • Providing tax amortization deductions for taxpayers,
  • Ensuring corporate tax exemptions and exceptions,
  • Handling student cases.
  • Civil Servant Lawsuits,
  • Highway Traffic Lawsuits,
  • Lawsuits arising from Administrative Contracts,
  • Lawsuits related to expropriation,
  • Lawsuits related to tenders,
  • Disputes related to zoning law, resolution methods & zoning lawsuits.
  • Clients who have many questions in the field of administrative and tax law can call our Izmir Administrative and Tax Law consultancy hotline for detailed information. Click here for detailed information on Administrative Law. Click here for detailed information on Tax Law.