Banking and Finance Law


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Banking and Finance Law

We provide legal services to enterprises operating in the banking and finance sector with our experienced lawyers in the field of Banking and Finance Law. We offer all kinds of legal services to deposit, investment, development, and participation banks; finance, factoring, and asset management companies; national and international financial leasing companies, and all financial institutions. Within this scope, we handle all transactions, including the preparation of project and asset financing contracts, negotiation of contracts with relevant parties, obtaining collateral in the manner requested by the lender under Turkish law, and establishing mortgages and pledges.

Some of the services we provide within the scope of Banking and Finance Law are as follows:

  • Legal support in cases arising from mortgages and secured transactions,
  • Legal support in credit contract matters,
  • Legal support in leasing and factoring operations,
  • Legal inspection of banking operations and financial organizations,
  • Legal regulation of mortgages and collateral,
  • Preparation of financial leasing and factoring transactions,
  • Inspection and drafting of credit contracts,
  • Legal procedures related to the Banks Association, Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency, and Savings Deposit Insurance Fund,
  • Legal inspection of capital market practices,
  • Legal inspection and regulation of corporate finance,
  • International Trade Finance,
  • Asset Finance and Issuance of Asset-Based Securities.
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