Social Security Law


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Social Security Law

Social Security Law is a branch of law that encompasses social and individual phenomena related to social security, such as retirement, wages, state guarantees, and other legal structures.

In our country, where citizens are provided with various opportunities in accordance with the principle of social state, citizens sometimes cannot use their rights at all or in the required conditions for various reasons. Citizens who are in search of their rights often give up due to the excessive legislation and bureaucratic processes. However, if this process is carried out with an expert lawyer, citizens can regain their rights in a short period of time.

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With its expert team in the field of Social Security Law, Kapital Law Office has played an effective and efficient role in providing consultancy and legal services to citizens, enabling many clients to obtain their rights arising from this branch of law. Resolving disputes in areas such as retirement, state guarantees, and social security is our main expertise, and we also provide legal consultancy and advocacy services for other disputes arising from the social security institution.

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