Real Estate Law


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Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law is a new field of law that has emerged with the increasing specialization of lawyers in the real estate sector in our country. Accordingly, our law firm’s lawyers have focused on this sector to provide solutions to the problems of the real estate industry and have acquired the necessary knowledge.

What benefits can you gain from Izmir lawyers in Real Estate Law?

We provide legal and consultancy services for the real estate sector in Izmir and surrounding cities. Among the services we offer are all transactions related to real estate buying and selling, including title registration and cancellation, mortgage transactions, subdivision and merging operations, transactions related to real estate ownership rights, lease agreements, disputes arising from inheritance sharing, real estate financing, acquisition of property by foreigners, lawsuits for the dissolution of partnerships, disputes related to site fees, lawsuits for pre-emption, pre-emption rights, and denial of pre-emption, as well as lawsuits for fraudulent will and inheritance evasion. In addition to these services, we provide consultancy and legal services for all kinds of disputes related to real estate law.

You can always contact us for any inquiries related to real estate in İzmir and surrounding cities. Click here for our İzmir Real Estate Lawyers. You can also review the related articles for more detailed information on real estate law or contact us directly.

Also known as the “preservation of property,” Property Law is another field in which our law firm provides comprehensive and high-quality services with a range of specialized lawyers.