Compensation Lawsuit


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Compensation Lawsuit

A compensation lawsuit is a type of lawsuit that focuses on compensating for damages caused by unlawful acts or other reasons. In our country, there are two types of compensation claims: “material” and “moral”. Material compensation lawsuits can arise from bodily injuries such as loss of support due to death, disability, and loss of labor, as well as from damage to property values. Moral compensation lawsuits are filed to alleviate the mental pain caused by an unjust act or action that has disrupted the plaintiff’s mental integrity.

These lawsuits aim to compensate for the damages suffered by individuals. A mistake made during the legal process can prevent the individual from receiving compensation for their losses and can even cause them to suffer further losses. Therefore, it is essential that the legal process is meticulously handled by lawyers specialized in this field.

Since our establishment, our law firm has compensated for the losses of our clients who have suffered damages in compensation hearings through material and/or moral compensation lawsuits handled by our expert lawyers.

Kapital Law Office handles various types of Compensation Lawsuits, including: 

  • Breach of contract arising from the law of obligations

    Injury or death as a result of a traffic accident

    Death as a result of doctor application error (malpractice)

    Severance or seniority pay arising from employment law

    Injury or death as a result of a work accident

    Damages arising from reasons such as committing a crime or divorce proceedings

    Damages arising from any type of tort

    If you have any questions about these topics or need further information, you can ask Kapital Law Office’s Izmir Compensation Lawsuit Attorneys. They can be reached at any time by phone to ask questions such as: What is a monetary compensation lawsuit? What is a moral compensation lawsuit? How can compensation be obtained as a result of an unlawful act? How to file a claim for monetary and moral compensation due to breach of contract?