Real Estate Purchase by Foreigners in Turkey

In this article, we will examine in detail the real estate purchase by foreigners in Turkey, and the rights they will gain in this way. INTRODUCTION The demand for real estate investment, which is a very functional way for foreigners who want to obtain citizenship or residence permit from Turkey, is increasing day by day. Foreign […]

Acquisition de la Nationalité Turque

Dans cet article nous envisagerons l’Acquisition de la Nationalité Turque, par des différents moyens possibles, INTRODUCTION La citoyenneté Turque peut être acquise de deux manières principales selon la loi sur la citoyenneté Turque n° 5091 et ses règlements d’application. La première est l’acquisition par la naissance et la seconde est l’acquisition par une demande ultérieure. […]

Acquisition of the Turkish Citizenship

Acquisition of the Turkish Citizenship envisaged in two main ways. According to the Turkish Citizenship Law No. 5091 and its regulations. There is two main titles to acquire the Turkish Citizenship.One is the acquisition by birth and in second the acquisition by later application. In this article, we will mostly focus on the second one […]