Att. Muhittin Kurnaz


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Att. Muhittin Kurnaz

Kurnaz, achieved the 2nd place in the university entrance exam and earned a comprehensive scholarship from Bilkent University. He holds a high honor bachelor’s degree from Bilkent University’s Faculty of Law and a minor degree in Economics. Kurnaz also completed a successful internship at Kapital Legal.

With his expertise in the field of law and notable academic achievements, Kurnaz successfully completed a Master’s degree in Economics at the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics. This postgraduate education has provided him with a deep understanding of the complex dynamics of international economics and trade.

In the field of legal consultancy, Kurnaz offers professional services in Turkish, Russian, English, and Spanish languages. He has provided legal consultancy to both domestic and foreign clients, managing processes such as company formation, mergers, and acquisitions. Beyond a problem-solving approach to law, Kurnaz develops projects with a preventive legal mission. Currently, as a Partner Lawyer at Kapital Legal Law Partnership, he provides comprehensive legal consultancy services to clients.


Bilkent University | Faculty of Law & Minor in Economics

Barcelona Graduate School of Economics | Master’s in Economics


Turkish, Russian, English, Spanish


İzmir Chamber of Commerce | Foreign Trade Expertise